EACTAIC fellowship in cardiac anesthesia


Application for the EACTAIC fellowship program in the OLV Clinic of Aalst, Belgium

The mandatory requirements for acceptance to the programme are:

1. Candidates must be board-certified in anesthesiology in their home country and have
to apply for a national registration that allows them to work as a medical practitioner in
Belgium. This registration and any working visa requirements (if needed) must be obtained
by the attendee at own expense before the candidate will be permitted to provide patient

2. Furthermore, the fellow has to speak Dutch OR the required level of English (B2 level).

3. A valid BLS certificate is obligatory for all medical practitioners working at the OLV Clinic
Aalst, but this can be obtained on-site at the beginning of the fellowship.

4. >2 letters of support or reference letters, supporting your application for a fellowship in
cardiothoracic anesthesia

5. For more information: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35718622/

Please send scanned copies of the
– Curriculum vitae
– MD diploma
– Anesthesiology certification and
– National registration (non-Belgian applicants)
– if non-Dutch speaking, a B2 level English certificate
– at least 2 recent reference letters

To stefaan.bouchez@olvz-aalst.be AND to koen.de.decker@olvz-aalst.be